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Customer Service is not a unique concept but our training game is!

Customer service training - It can be the "Game Changer" for your business.

You know that customer service can make or break a business. More than half of all customers who have had a poor customer service experience will never go back to the offending business. Even though most managers and owners know that customer service training is vital to their business, the majority never take the time to train these critical skills to their team. If your competition is not stressing or training customer service training, you are lucky, this gives you the opportunity to gain an advantage. You certainly do not want to ignore the needs of your staff while your competitors are focused on teaching superior service training skills, giving them an edge.

Customer service training does not have to be boring.

The Deal With It customer service training game is a fast-moving tool that allows team members to actively participate. Active participation means the time your team spends training will be memorable and effective. Deal With It is so easy to use, the short, simple rules mean you can begin enjoyable training just minutes after opening the box. A manager or facilitor can read the entire rule card in less than two minutes, and most participants are ready to play after reading the customer service game example of play in less than 35 seconds!

Customer service training does not have to be difficult.customer-service-training-game-components-s

Deal With It requires no special equipment, does not use a board, allowing for large training groups. Participants take turns answering how they would deal with a real-life situation, as others are allowed to challenge answers and offer alternatives in a controlled environment. Your team learns how you want things done and why. This greater policy understanding leads to an empowered workforce. The basic game set includes 121 situations and questions from many industries, drawn from real life experiences. They are ideal for discovering how employees approach service in general. This game set also includes Challenge cards to give the facilitator more control over their discussion group and Point cards to give positive reinforcement to proper attitudes and answers. Please feel free to try out a few samples with you team, by clicking here

Deal With It customer service training is flexible.

It can be used with groups from 3 to 300, and it fits perfectly for daily or weekly pre-shift meetings when you lack time for the full game. These 5 to 10 minute sessions are an excellent way to keep skills sharp and service a top priority. While Deal With It is a stand-alone customer service training game, it contains all of the components necessary to use any Deal With It module in a well-structured interactive game format. This means that Deal With It can be any one of over 200 customer service training games, one written just for your industry. Please call if you don't see a customer service training game module for your service or industry, since we have too many custom written modules to list them all here. Deal With It is more than a customer service training game. This training concept has proven to be so successful and popular with employees that hundreds of owners and managers requested more. As a result, we have additional topic modules that plug into Deal With It, so you can have game based training on many other subjects from diversity to business etiquette. Thus, Deal With It can be your diversity game, etiquette game, ethics game, and more!

There is never a better time to help ensure your sales through superior customer service.

Don't let more time go by without acting. Your customers want sales associates with positive attitudes. Your sales associates want the self-assurance to know what to say and do with problem situations. For a fraction of the cost of most training products, you can achieve both goals using Deal With It.


We are here to serve you. If you have special needs, one of our Design & Delivery Consultants is available to discuss how we can create customized training including a customized Deal With It customer service training game, just for you at 1-888-322-5948

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"Customer service skills don't just happen. The Deal With It customer service training game changed attitudes and gave employees confidence. When employees quit fearing dealing with customers, everyone benefits. In addition to more repeat business, my turn-over dropped noticably!"
Tammy Russell - Retail Store Owner, Boise, Idaho
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